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Vienna to Prague walking holiday

Vienna to Prague walking holiday

Walking holiday across Austria and Czech Republic

- Elegant Vienna and romantic Prague
- Medieval towns Mikulov, Telc, Trebon and Cesky Krumlov
- Lednice, UNESCO chateau
- Last remnants of the Iron Curtain
- Great Moravian wine and Czech beer
- Traditional Moravian and Czech food

Walking holiday across Austria and Czech Republic. Discover the land between elegant Vienna and romantic Prague, a land full of vineyards , historical jewels, great gastronomy and natural beauty.

Trip code: TVP - ADULT GROUP

10 days in 2 countries: Austria, Czech Republic

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The week begins with historical sightseeing trip around Vienna and the wine-growing region Weinviertel with with its endless fields and vineyards. You’ll then see the vineyards of Moravia, and can compare wine quality in the town of Mikulov. The architectural beauty of UNESCO site Lednice-Valtice awaits you, and you’ll be delighted by the region’s hospitability and unique folklore. Interesting hiking awaits you under the Palava hills, in National Parks Podyji and Czech Canada. Enjoy the splendour of UNESCO-protected medieval towns such as Telc, Cesky Krumlov, Jindrichuv Hradec and Prague. During the tour, you will be accompanied by our professional English-speaking guide, and you can sample some famous Czech beer.

DAY 1: Vienna
Fly to Vienna. Meet guide and transfer to hotel.

DAY 2: Mikulov
Sightseeing in Vienna and walking across wine villages of northern Austria. In the evening, a short transfer to the medieval town of Mikulov in Czech Republic.

DAY 3: Mikulov
Walking across the protected area of Palava and vineyards of southern Moravia. Lunch and sampling local wine with local wine-dresser. After lunch, walking in UNESCO grounds of Lednice-Valtice, a network of romantic chateaus and the ruins of guarding castles. This is also where the 26,000-year-old statue of Vestonicka Venus was found.

DAY 4: Telc
Walking in Podyji National Park, which forms the natural Austria-Czech Republic border. Discover the last remnants of the Iron Curtain from the communist and Cold War era. A visit to the baroque chateau of Vranov and transfer to renaissance town of Telc, a UNESCO site.

DAY 5: Jindrichuv Hradec
The path will lead you to the romantic town of Slavonice, on the border with Austria, to explore army bunkers build in 1930s and visit the medieval castle Landstein. Towards the end of the day, relax with an enjoyable ride on a unique steam train across the national park of Czech Canada.

DAY 6: Cesky Krumlov
Sightseeing in the spa town of Trebon, surrounded by burgher houses with renaissance and baroque gables. Walk through UNESCO biosphere reserve, full of lakes, fish ponds and groves. At the end of the day, transfer to Cesky Krumlov.

DAY 7: Cesky Krumlov
National Geographic recently voted Cesky Krumlov the sixteenth most beautiful town in the world. During your sightseeing tour you can full enjoy this charming city located on the Vltava river.

DAY 8: Cesky Krumlov
Walking in the beautiful surroundings of the Sumava National Park, following a path leading to Mozart’s waterfalls and a Cistercian monastery more than 700 years old. Returning back, the path leads along the Lipenska Dam, the biggest in Czech Republic.

DAY 9: Prague
After breakfast transfer to Prague and enjoy some sightseeing of the old town. Make sure to visit the medieval centre of Prague, full of narrow stone streets, old squares, passages and churches.

DAY 10: End
Transfer to airport and fly home.


Tour Details

DAY 1: Vienna
Arrival at Vienna airport and meeting the guide. Group transfer to your hotel for introductions and an outline of the itinerary for the next ten days.

Overnight in: Vienna
Meals included: none

DAY 2: Mikulov
After breakfast, enjoy sightseeing in Vienna, the capital. Its historical quarter is closely related to Austro-Hungarian Empire, as seen in its sumptuous castles, aristocratic residences and churches. History is made real by the crooked streets and ubiquitous horse-drawn carriages, building an atmosphere that harks back to the city of Mozart. After a communal lunch you transfer to Hollabrun, an area of fertile fields and vineyards in the Weinvierte region. Hollabrun is home to a network of family vine cellars linking several villages. In one, sample some of the local Austrian wine before a short transfer to nearby Czech Republic and check in to your hotel in the medieval town of Mikulov, where you’ll stay for the next two nights. You can have dinner in a traditional Moravian restaurant.

Gastronomy tip: the original gastronomy of this fertile region is based on potatoes, which is why we recommend the local delicacy potato pancakes with jam and poppy seeds, or excellent Moravian goulash with dumplings, accompanied by tasty Moravian vine. Total walking: approximately 10 km (6 miles).

Overnight in: Mikulov
Meals included: breakfast

DAY 3: Mikulov
Today you start walking from Mikulov, through an area dominated by the castle and surrounded by the protected area of Palava hills and slopes of vineyards. After yesterday’s introduction to culture and gastronomy, today you’ll spend the day in nature. Your first stop will be the wine town of Dolni Vestonice, and en route you’ll visit the romantic ruins of the Sirotci Castle, whose silhouette is an iconic fixture of the Palava hills, and you’ll also pass the ruins of Divci (‘girl’s’) Castle, from where there is magnificent view of the New-mills Dam. Dolni Vestonice is famous for the discovery of the more than 25,000-year-old statue of Venus of Dolni Vestonice, from the very beginning of mankind’s technological history. You can see an exact copy in the local museum. This exciting morning will be followed by lunch with a local vinedresser in a family-run wine cellar, where you will also sample some of the family’s high quality local wines. After a hearty lunch, you walk around the Lednice-Valtice UNESCO grounds, with 37 sights to see, such as the stunning Lednice castle, the castle greenhouse, the chateau garden, Minaret or Jan’s Castle, all of which are architectural gems. On the way back to Mikulov, you will have a short stop in Valtice, to soak in the architectural splendour of the presidential palace of the ancient Lichtenstein family, at that time the monumental Church of the Assumption of St. Mary. Total walking: approximately 13 km (8 miles).

Gastronomy tip: in the evening you can enjoy some local gourmet delicacies – roast duck with cabbage and potato dumplings, or baked pork chops with dressing, while listening to local folklore musicians and sampling some of the best local wines.

Overnight in: Mikulov
Meals included: breakfast, lunch

DAY 4: Telc
In the morning, transfer to the village of Cizov, from where you’ll go walking in the Podyji National Park on the Austria-Czech border. Stroll through stunning scenery of floodplain forests, and explore the area of the last remnants of the Iron Curtain from the Cold War. You’ll then carry on walking through romantic woodland. During the hike, enjoy a perfectly prepared picnic lunch. Another destination will be the baroque chateau of Vranov from the early twelfth century, standing imposingly above the Vranov Dam. The meandering River Thaya and surrounding greenery underscore the uniqueness of this building. After a tour of the castle we transfer to the UNESCO historical town of Telc. Also known as the ‘Moravian Venice’, Telc is a unique town with fabulous atmosphere, with a renaissance castle, 71 houses with underpasses, and beautifully decorated shields and lots of narrow streets, designed for horse-drawn carriages. The cellars of the houses are interconnected by corridors under the whole square. Here we stay for one night. Total walking: approximately 11 km (7 miles).

Gastronomy tip: traditional Czech cuisine always has something delicious on offer, and we recommend Kulajda soup and dumplings filled with fruit. For meet lovers, sirloin steak in cream sauce with cranberries and dumplings, and for the adults the Czech beer Bernard.

Overnight in: Telc
Meals included: breakfast, lunch

DAY 5: Jindrichuv Hradec
In the morning, transfer to the town of Slavonice, a romantic border town, which in communist times belonged to the so-called border zone inaccessible to the public. Thanks to that, time stopped in Slavonice, and the architectural and natural jewels of the area remained untouched. The old town consists of two squares lined with renaissance houses with unique graffito. The local building facades are like an open book and so walking through the town is not only an aesthetic experience, but also a journey back in time to the days of legends and stories. After the town tour, head further out and discover some of the area’s military fortification art. Not far from the town, you can explore a massive defensive wall of the 1930s, which commemorates the dedication and efforts of the Czech nation to resist the Nazi aggression. After sightseeing these fully equipped and armed bunkers, you’ll head to a fairyland grove for an open air picnic. The militarily oriented trip will be ended by a visit to medieval castle Landstejn and from its main tower you’ll have spectacular views of the natural scenery of the Czech Canada National Park. After the castle visit, experience a unique steam train ride across this national park all the way to the town of Jindrichuv Hradec, dominated by the State Castle with a historic square, and lots of religious, renaissance and gothic buildings. Here you’ll stay for the night. Total walking: approximately 12 km (8 miles).

Gastronomy tip: our tip for this evening – beef soup with liver dumplings, grilled smoked pork with horseradish, or smoked meat with potatoes. For dessert, pancakes with chocolate and, of course, Samson beer from the local brewery.

Overnight in: Jindrichuv Hradec
Meals included: breakfast, lunch

DAY 6: Cesky Krumlov
After breakfast, a short tour of the historical centre and the castle. From there we take a transfer to the Trebon region, an area famous for fishing and fishponds. The history of this area dates back to the fifteenth century, when the famous Rosenberg’s family decided to take advantage of these flooded areas and transform the swamp-land into a region of lakes, fields and groves. Their regents created an ingenious system of interconnected lakes that today for its charm as well as its connection with nature has been deemed a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Your hike will then take you to the spa town of Trebon, whose centre is a square surrounded by burghers houses with renaissance and baroque gables, and renaissance chateau complex that is one of the largest in the country. Another important business activity of the Rosenbergs was the production of beer, so it would be a sin not to visit a local brewery, whose origins date back to 1379. After a few sips of this delicious beer, transfer to Cesky Krumlov, the pearl of the Czech towns listed in UNESCO. Here you’ll stay for the night. Total walking: approximately 14 km (7 miles).

Gastronomy tip: here again, you will not miss out on Czech cuisine – try roasted beef with tomato sauce and dumplings. Those that didn’t have the opportunity to try classic Czech potato pancakes, try them today and we also recommend high quality and original Czech Budweiser.

Overnight in: Cesky Krumlov
Meals included: breakfast

DAY 7: Cesky Krumlov
National Geographic recently voted Cesky Krumlov the sixteenth most beautiful city in the world, for its unique architecture and beautiful nature. This is why you’ll spend three nights in this astonishing region, as it would be a sin not to give it the time it deserves. During your sightseeing, you will be able to enjoy this captivating world of the castle and town below, situated on the meandering Vltava river. Picturesque Krumlov is home to diverse shops and stylish medieval taverns. The biggest jewel of the city is the castle, located above the Vltava river. In addition to the exhibition area of the palace buildings with castle gardens, the Lapidary with sculptures or the three-storey Wenceslas cellars are well worth a look, where according to romantic legends Czech King Wenceslas IV. was imprisoned. Unique in the world is also the Baroque theatre that to this very day is preserved intact with original decorations, wardrobe, props and technical equipment. Attractive is the revolving auditorium in the premises of the castle garden, from which visitors can watch theatrical performances directly in nature. After lunch you will be able to explore the city further and enjoy the sights and walking to your liking. Total walking: approximately 8 km (5 miles).

Gastronomy tip: we recommend dinner in one of the medieval pubs where you will be served food as in the times of kings: garlic soup, grilled meat of your choice, bacon, vegetables, potatoes, poppy muffins or home-made strudel. We recommend Eggenberg beer from local brewery.

Overnight in: Cesky Krumlov
Meals included: breakfast

DAY 8: Cesky Krumlov
Today your hike will be based in the stunning area of the National Park of Sumava. To get to the starting point of the hike, you’ll take a transfer by our supporting bus following the meanders of the Vltava River. The experience will be enhanced by listening to the world-renowned symphonic poem VLTAVA by Bedrich Smetana, which is a celebration of this legendary river. Upon arrival in Vysny Brod, you’ll begin walking in the beautiful environment of the Sumava National Park. A Way of the Cross will take you to the mountain of Maria Rast, where after a refreshment in the form of a picnic you continue on the winding forest path along the Vltavicky creek, Mozart’s waterfalls, mossy trees and over wooden bridges, which give this landscape a fairy-tale character. The next destination is the ancient Cistercian monastery whose origins date back to the twelfth century. During the tour you will learn about its glorious history, and the life of monks in the Middle Ages during the industrial revolution all the way to the hard times of the Communist dictatorship. In addition to the monumental monastery church, visit the richly decorated baroque library, and art gallery with valuable paintings by old masters or ancient cloister. The way back to Cesky Krumlov leads through the foothills of the Sumava National Park and Lipenska Dam, which forms the largest water reservoir in the Czech Republic. Returning to Cesky Krumlov in the early afternoon, you’ll have time for one more relaxed stroll through the narrow romantic streets and to soak up the atmosphere of the unique town, or getting some souvenirs for your loved ones. Total walking: approximately 12 km (8 miles).

Gastronomy tip: in a medieval tavern you can try fried brie with herb butter, or meat with potatoes, bacon, onion and mushrooms. As a dessert, delicious homemade cheesecake.

Overnight in: Cesky Krumlov
Meals included: breakfast, lunch

DAY 9: Prague
After breakfast, transfer to Prague. While sightseeing as a group, you can visit the medieval centre of Prague, interwoven with many stone streets, old squares, passages and churches. Above the centre rises the thousand-year-old Prague Castle, one of the main tourist attractions, which was from the ninth century the seat of Czech rulers, and today hosts presidents. Equally famous is the Charles Bridge, flanked by statues on both sides. Below Prague Castle is the baroque quarter Mala Strana. Its main attractions are Golden Lane, Neruda street and a complex of gardens. On Wenceslas Square, dominated by a statue of St. Wenceslas on horseback, is the National Museum with unique sellections of natural exhibits and dinousaur skeletons. The historical heart of the town is the Old Town Square and the Town Hall with the Orloj Astronomical Clock. The green heart of the city is formed by number of parks around the 62 m-high Petrin Tower, a copy of the Eiffel Tower, from which you can have memorable views over the whole city. Total walking: approximately 5 km (3 miles).

Gastronomy tip: During the day you’ll stop for lunch and after the city walking tour you will certainly like to relax over dinner in one of the traditional Czech restaurants. From the classic Czech dishes, we have not mentioned the tripe soup, fried cheese with fries and a speciality steak tartare with toast and, of course, the famous beer Pilsner Urquell. You’ll stay here for one night.

Overnight in: Prague
Meals included: breakfast

DAY 10: Prague
After breakfast, transfer to airport. We believe that this very unique combination of gentle walking, culture and folkore will be a holiday of a lifetime and you will take a lot of great memories home with you.

Meals included: breakfast



Best time to travel: May, Jun, July, August, September
Dates and Prices on request.



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Images Vienna to Prague walking holiday.

Practical Information

Vienna, Austria

Prague, Czech Republic

Activities included

Transfers included
Daily transfers that are part of the itinerary (support vehicle, Bus).

Meals included
9 breakfasts, 4 packed lunches

Activity level
Leisurely to Moderate.

Group size
Min 2, Max 16

Min 12.

We sell this holiday on a Land Only basis and recommend that you book your flights to: Vienna.

Land only
Land Only includes everything except international flights.

Airport transfers
If you require a private transfer from the airport to your hotel do not hesitate to request this at the time of your booking. Discounted private transfers are available to all passengers booking AYGO holidays.

All of our tours are based and operated on a twin-share basis, meaning that the standard cost is based either on individual travellers sharing accommodation with another group member of the same sex, or people who book together sharing accommodation such as friends, family
members, or work colleagues. On this tour we are pleased to be able to offer customers the option of pre-booking a guaranteed single room for each night of the tour.

Hotel Plan    
Day 1: Hotel/pension 3*
Day 2: Hotel/pension 3*
Day 3: Hotel/pension 3*
Day 4: Hotel/pension 3*
Day 5: Hotel/pension 3*
Day 6: Hotel/pension 3*
Day 7: Hotel/pension 3*
Day 8: Hotel/pension 3*
Day 9: Hotel/pension 3*

Food  and meal plan  
Breakfasts: buffet style.
Lunches: packed lunch consists of sandwich or baguette, biscuits, fruit and drink.

Group leader
This trip will be led by a professional English speaking guide.  

Local currency   
Austria: Euro
Czech Republic: Czech Crown

Budgeting for your tour
The below excursions or activities are usually available and may be arranged locally. Estimated costs are provided below for guidance only, are on a per person basis unless shown otherwise, and may depend on the number of participants and the type of establishment.

Cost of local service/activities:

Travel insurance
It is a condition of joining any of our tours that you must have valid travel insurance and it is your responsibility to obtain a policy that covers all activities included in your chosen holiday, as well as medical expenses and emergency repatriation in the event of illness or injury.

Visa Requirements
An entry visa is not required by citizens of EU, USA, CAN, AUS, NZ. Citizens from any other country should confirm all visa-related issues with the relevant Embassy prior to departure.  

Private groups
We are able to arrange private departures for the vast majority of our small group tours. Private departures are available to individual clients who do not wish to mix with people they do not know. Private departures follow the same itinerary on a date that suits you best and there are no minimum numbers in order to run your holiday. If you are interested in booking a private departure please do not hesitate to contact us to request your quotation.


If you have any questions regarding this holiday
Please feel free to contact our (SK) office.
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